Indulge in narcotics, opiates, snacks and drinks as provided by our bar and dealers.

Ask our bar or dealers for information regarding our narcotics and opiates.




A traditional Dunesfolk bread twisted into the shape of a knot and sprinkled generously with coarse-ground salt before being baked to a deep brown. Salt makes water stay in the body, which is very helpful inside a bunker.

Cloud Banana


Though it resembles a tree, cloud bananas actually grow from an oversized herb. That does not, however, make them any less sweet. Giving you a healthy dose of natural sugars that will help you make through your night at the bunker.

Shaved Ice


A heaping mound of the purest ice harvested from atop the mountains of Coerthas which has been imported into the bunker and remains ice cold inside our 'ice box'. This shaved ice is taken out as-is and then drizzled in several colours of syrup from fruits served inside the bunker, such as purple carrot, pixie apples and oranges. Be sure to mention any syrup preferences to the bar and enjoy a cooling down for your body.

Better Crowned Pie


A galette-style pie decorated with a golden crown. While typically served at Ishgardian festivals, these crowns are served with a different kind of crown on top; resembling that of King Qizzli, one of our Resident DJs. These are baked in advance by a group of Ul'dahn culinarians who are associated with the Culinarion Guild in Limsa Lominsa.


Mineral Water


Clear water taken from a mountain spring near Ishgard by a nearby town which is then exported and delivered to the bunker in huge batches. Water is provided free of charge to ensure Patrons and bunker-goers do not risk dehydration at any time.

Bunker Lemonade


An incomparably refreshing blend of sour lemonette juice and sweet golden honey, it's served in a small glass with a cap on top which allows you to carry it with you inside the bunker. When in need of a surge, simply take off the cap and chug it as-is, it's sour taste will shake you right awake, with the rich sweet aftertaste giving you a comforting feeling as you are ready once more to be an integral part of the ongoing hype inside the bunker.

Purple Carrot Juice


A hearty and healthful beverage prepared from the pulp of purple carrots and pixie apples. With fresh purple carrots and pixie apples imported from a specific supplyer in the Limsa Lominsa Ferry Docks, this drink will make you surge due to it's freshness and rich balance of strong, accented flavours, allowing you to chug yourself back to full energy through very healthy means.